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  Destructive Termites in Australia - Coptotermes acinaciformis - Coptotermes frenchi - Coptotermes lacteus - Heterotermes ferox - Mastotermes darwiniensis - Nasutitermes exitiosus - Nasutitermes walkeri - Schedorhinotermes intermedius - termites in NSW - ACT - termites in Qld - termites in SA - termites in Vic - termites in NT - termites in WA
Termite Control (1) obtain a AS.4349 Termite Inspection & Report to find, detect and report on termite activity in a building and quote for termite control options (2) AS.3660 Termite Control Barrier i.e. treatment of soil at base of building with an AVPMA registered termite control chemical e.g. Termidor fipronil, Premise imidacloprid, Dursban chlorpyrifos or BIFLEX bifenthrin (4) in some cases Termite Baits can be used to eliminate the entire termite colony. Environmentally friendly termite baiting products include Nemesis - Exterra chlorfluazuron - Sentricon termite bait hexaflumaron. Regular monitoring of termite bait stations is required
KORDON Builders Termite Barrier can be installed during construction - KORDON Termite Barrier is ABCB CodeMark certified - Kordon product is manufactured and installers are accredited by Bayer Australia - Kordon Termite Barrier complies with Australian Building Codes Board and local Council building requirements
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